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We can work with you through face-to-face consultations, remotely or a hybrid of the two. We carry professional insurance.

What’s involved:

  • An initial phone chat to get to know you, hear about your dog and the behavioural issues you want to address

  • A two to three hour consultation at your home or, where appropriate, outside in your local environment to discuss the principles behind changing behaviour using positive reinforcement, demonstrate training techniques and outline the basics of the training plan.

  • A written training plan for you to follow sent by email within a few days with any supporting video material that you may find useful.

  • Continuing advice on the phone, via Zoom or WhatsApp as you start to work on the plan and we really do encourage you to keep in touch with any questions or to get some advice if you stall or hit a sticky patch where you feel you aren't making progress.

  • Follow up face-to-face sessions at a reduced rate to keep up momentum if you need them.

We offer face-to-face consultations in Aberdeenshire and Moray. If you are elsewhere in the UK, get in touch to discuss. 


Face-to face consultations

What’s involved

  • An initial phone chat to get an outline of the issue and book a convenient slot to talk further

  • A 90 minute Zoom call where we can talk in detail about your dog's behaviour issues and, as with face-to-face consults, set out the basics of a plan. We may also run through training video material that demonstrates techniques.

  • A detailed written plan sent by email with accompanying video to demonstrate techniques.

  • A behaviour and training diary for you to complete where possible including video footage of your dog's behaviour (mobile phone video is fine - it doesn't need to be an Oscar-winning  production)

  • Follow up coaching notes based on your diary

  • A further Zoom consultation to keep on track.

As with face-to-face consultations, we really encourage clients to get in touch with questions or if you need advice between ‘formal' sessions.


Video consultations

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