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We’re big believers in the power of loving, sociable dogs to change our lives for the better.  

So if you’re struggling to cope with a dog with problems, we want to help you get things on track. Our job is to get you over the frustration and anxiety and onto the fun part: the way you always imagined life with your dog would be.

We don’t do myths or mystique or whispering. There really is way too much of that. We use the most up-to-date methods, based on the science of animal behaviour. These are positive, kind, proven techniques that will change the way your dog views the world and behaves towards it.


If you choose to work with us, here’s what you can expect:


The positive: in our training methods and in our attitude. We want you to succeed. We know that, for some dogs, you’ll have to work at it and that can sometimes be frustrating. We’re with you for the short term and the long haul, guiding you through and cheering you on.


Understanding – a whole heap of it. Because we’ve been there. Our dog Thomson, a rescue Rottweiler, was a serious hard case: angry, afraid and very, very loud about it.  In the beginning, most people only saw the anger and drew their own conclusions. So we know what that can feel like. But with patience, our boy came to see that life could be pretty cool. We’re confident you and your dog can, too.
(Read Big T’s story)


Simple, straight-talking – we know our stuff, but the most important thing is not to swank about our expertise, it’s for you to be crystal clear what you need to do with and for your dog.  When we work with you, we’ll give you a training plan that sets out what the issue is, what we are going to do together, a step-by-step programme and a list of any kit or support you’ll need.  That’s it.


Enlightenment: If that sounds a pompous word, we make only a small apology. There’s nothing we get a kick out of more than when one of our clients has an ‘aha’ moment and sees the huge difference a simple technique can make to their dog’s behaviour.

We’re on a mission, too, to get the world to think about the way we train our dogs in a different way: To forget about being leader of the pack and just look for the right motivation. Ultimately, training that sticks comes down to motivation and reward, which isn’t so very different from humans.


Good humour:  OK, having a troubled dog is no joke. But you’re on your way to making it better so let’s enjoy the journey together and the laughter that there always is along the way.

About Sociable Dog

The team

Si Wooler 

Si is a qualified trainer, certified by the Academy for Dog Trainers, one of the most rigorous dog behaviour and training programmes in the world.


He has been training dogs for more than ten years, specialising in fear and aggression. He has worked as a volunteer trainer for Black Retriever Cross Rescue in Wiltshire. Si leads all consultations and training sessions.


His goal is always to help owners feel confident, in control and enjoy training their dogs because when it comes to success, having fun through the process is part of delivering a great result.


Si came to dog training after 20 years as a sound engineer so loud barking hardly registers on his personal decibel scale.  His own troubled dog, Thomson, was the motivator for seeking out effective, evidence-based training methods.

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Ripley Dog

Reward & Incentive Development Officer

Ripley is arguably (well, she would argue) the most hard-working and dedicated member of the team. 
She is responsible for testing and trialling dog training rewards and incentives (treats, cheese, chicken, balls, toys). Tireless in her work, she has a programme of regular quality reviews in place to ensure standards
are maintained.

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