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The path to a confident, sociable dog

You love your dog. Your dog loves you. But what do you do when your best friend seems angry or afraid of the rest of the world or just worryingly out of control? 

Call us.


We’re specialists in training dogs with behavioural problems, including fear or aggression.

We can help your troubled soul become a more confident, sociable dog. And that opens up the world for you both.


Our approach is positive and patient. No drama. No lectures. No magical fixes. Just practical help, sound knowledge and plenty of understanding and good humour.

All our training techniques are reward-based and rooted in the science of animal behaviour. And we use both face-to-face consultations and the full range of modern technology to help and advise whenever you need our support.


We often find ourselves saying to clients: “You haven’t got as big a problem as you think.”  Sometimes, what seems overwhelming is a lot less daunting when you understand what’s triggering your dog’s behaviour and can see the route to the solving it. There’s no magic wand - just a clearly thought through approach, based on extensive study of dog behaviour.

Our approach

No matter how much you love your dog, dealing with behaviour problems is exhausting and frustrating. At times, it can be downright worrying and isolating. That's why we take it




Our first step is to calm everything down. We’ll show you how to be safe, cool and feel in control while we work on the problem together. If your dog is fearful, we’ll show you simple ways to engage gently. If your dog is showing aggression, we might recommend some kit like haltis, harnesses or muzzles to help. We never work with shock, spray, choke or
prong collars.



We'll check what’s at the root of the problem. We have straightforward, reliable (and behavioural science-based) ways to work out whether your dog’s behaviour is caused by fear, frustration or is one of the other common or less common problems.  We’ll talk to you about your daily schedule and what your priorities are so that we can build a programme that’s ‘do-able’ for you.



The route to success. We’ll put together a training plan for you and your dog and coach you in timing and technique. Fear-based problems do call for patience, but you can get there and we’ll be on hand to support. If you encounter a sticky patch, we're at the end of a phone, Zoom call or WhatsApp chat to help you get through and onto the next stage of progress. 

Portsoy, Banff, UK


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